Shafiq Out-raises Opponents 2:1

Abdussabur’s donors ranged from current and retired police officers (Holly Wasilewski, Rebecca Goddard, James Evarts, Jasmine Sanders, Michael Sweeney, Stephan Torquati, Monique Cain, Milton Jackson, Joe Dease, Ronald Pressley, and Ismail Abdussabur, the candidate’s son and next-door neighbor) to members of Abdussabur’s Muslim faith community, members of the Chasidic Jewish community in Abdussabur’s home Beaver Hills neighborhood, grassroots activists like the Hill’s Leslie Radcliffe, regional NAACP President Dori Dumas, and Elicker-appointed Police Commissioner Tracey Meares; to current and retired elected officials including State Rep. Gary Winfield, ex-Mayor Toni Harp, and Alders Frank Douglass and Sarah Miller.

That donor list,” Abdussabur said, represents the city of New Haven.” 

On Tuesday Abdussabur qualified for the Democracy Fund, according to Administrator Alyson Heimer. That qualifies Abdussabur for an immediate $9,738 in matching funds as well as a $23,000 grant once he qualifies for the primary ballot. That will put him over $80,000 — or more than $30,000 above what Goldenberg raised this quarter while bypassing the public-financing program limits.

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