A Better Fair Haven

“As a local entrepreneur, I know what it means to provide opportunity to those society has left behind. At Eco Urban Pioneers, I regularly hired second-chance offenders, immigrants, and many struggling to find housing. I understand how important it is for us to provide opportunity and resources to all residents. I understand how important it is for a leader to listen,” said Democrat Shafiq Abdussabur. Continue reading

Public Safety for New Haven

“This Administration is spending even more money in expensive overtime for a diminished force, giving the taxpayers less for more and making our city an even harder place for an officer to have anything like a work-life balance,” said Democrat Shafiq Abdussabur. “It’s time we stopped hemorrhaging the NHPD and our safety City-wide and elect a leader who will know how to build bridges in our communities and promote practical safety measures.” Continue reading

A Better Dixwell and Newhallville

“Our black and brown communities across New Haven need a Freddy Fixer right now,” Democrat Shafiq Abdussabur said. “I grew up in Dixwell and Newhallville and went to the then-Helene Grant School. I know these streets, and I will be a Mayor who champions our communities of color. We have so much talent, drive, and persistence in this City, and that's what makes us such a strong and resilient community. It’s time we leverage that talent and set residents up for success.” Continue reading

A Better Hub for Creativity

“As a creative with other creative family members,” said Democrat Shafiq Abdussabur,  it is so essential for a multicultural city like New Haven to have the tools necessary to embrace our creative community in all neighborhoods.” Continue reading

New Haven Safe Streets Coalition 2023 Questionnaire

Click to read Shafiq's responses to the New Haven Safe Streets Coalition 2023 Questionnaire. Continue reading

A Better Plan For Our Homeless

“We live in one of the richest states in the richest country in the world. But when you arrive at Union Station, you wouldn’t know that. As a man of deep faith, I firmly believe we need to lead with profound compassion in the Mayor’s Office. Let’s unite this City by lifting everyone up, no matter the size of their wallet, their background, or their housing status, for a better New Haven." Continue reading

Better New Haven Public Schools

Better New Haven Public Schools   “There is no excuse for a world-class city like New Haven—buttressed by the global reach of Yale University and rich in community assets—ranking as the lowest-performing urban school district in Connecticut,” said Mayoral Candidate Shafiq Abdussabur.  Continue reading

A Better East Shore

“This Administration has continuously undermined the quality of life and culture in The Annex and Morris Cove,” said Democrat Shafiq Abdussabur. “Just because they’re over the bridge doesn’t mean they’re not New Haveners. My plan for the East Shore tackles longstanding issues head-on and provides a way for us to work together and improve the well-being of all residents.” Abdussabur spoke on iHeart Radio about his plans for the East Shore last week. To listen, check out his interview on the Vinnie Penn Project. The campaign platform is provided below: Continue reading

A Better Parks Department

Study after study confirms that access to and availability of green spaces play vital roles in human development and overall well-being. Green spaces improve mental and physical health for all ages and promote activities that help our seniors age with dignity. New Haven parks are treasures, and the City’s next mayor needs to treat them as such. Continue reading