New Haven Democratic mayoral hopeful files elections complaint against incumbent Elicker

NEW HAVEN — Democratic mayoral hopeful Shafiq Abdussabur has filed a complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission alleging Mayor Justin Elicker has been using his city-paid phone number to solicit campaign donations, an allegation Elicker summed up as a "distraction"

“Elicker switched his campaign phone number over to the city’s Verizon account when he took office in 2020 and continues to use that same phone number to solicit donations for his campaign,” said Abdussabur campaign manager Gage Frank. “New Haven deserves a mayor who won’t use taxpayer dollars to further their career.” 

Elicker called the complaint "frivolous," however, and said Monday, "The cellphone that he's talking about is my own personal cellphone. I pay the bill with my own personal money. 

"We have a lot of important issues as a city," Elicker said. "Let's focus on those and not these types of distractions."